Personalized coaching for software product managers in biotech, life sciences, and healthcare

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Product + science is hard

More and more scientifically minded organizations are building software products. The people leading these products face unique challenges that typical software product managers may not face. Also, these organizations often lack the expertise and time to support them.

I'm here to help

My tailored coaching is designed to help you tackle these specific obstacles. Together, we will turn your challenges into catalysts for growth and impact, and create actionable plans to achieve your career goals. Learn more about how product coaching solves problems and adds value in my newsletter.

We should work together if you…

Do product management

Your title may be Product Manager / Owner, Program Manager, or something else entirely

Need more support

Your manager is spread too thin, or lacks the expertise to devote much to your growth and mentoring

Want a thought partner

You want a coach to help you identify goals, accomplish dreams, and provide accountability

About me

After devoting a decade of my career to improving healthcare and patient outcomes, I left my last job at The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard in Cambridge, MA to start product coaching full-time.

I have been fortunate enough to be mentored by amazing product leaders and coaches, and saw the difference it made to both my professional and personal life. I wanted to pay it forward, and began coaching product managers during my spare time. It was hard work, but hearing how much my coaching meant to those first clients made it all worthwhile.

As a mother with a young child, I am more mindful than ever about how I spend my time and what example I set. I decided to take a leap of faith to pursue this dream and spend more time doing what I enjoy the most—helping and empowering others. Read more about my personal experience with coaching in my newsletter.

Why work with me?

Choosing to work with me is a decision to invest in your future success. I genuinely care about your growth, I want the best for you, and I understand the specific challenges you face. Learn more about my coaching approach in my newsletter.

My proven track record of guiding clients toward success through personalized coaching, coupled with my passion for empowering others, makes me the ideal choice for those seeking to make a meaningful impact within these industries.

Coaching is highly personalized and tailored to your needs at any given time. Additionally, many people can have coaching partially or fully reimbursed by their employers. Get in touch if you have a question or challenge, and we can figure out together if my services are right for you!

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