Vicky Li Horst

Product Coaching and Consulting

I help people build better products, better teams, and better careers

I specialize in biotech, life sciences, and healthcare product management

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An expert perspective to help you…

  • Develop product management skills
  • Analyze product strategy gaps
  • Diagnose process inefficiencies
  • Create empowered product teams
  • Achieve career goals
  • Connect to other industry leaders

We should work together if you…

Lead a product

Your title may be CEO, CPO, Founder, Director, Product Manager, or something else entirely

Need more support

You or your organization lack relevant product expertise or time to devote to growth

Want an expert perspective

You need a thought partner to help you or your team see blind spots and provide accountability

About me

I deeply care about my clients, their careers, and their businesses. My goal with product coaching is to work myself out of a job, because the client has gained necessary skills and overcome their challenges.

I have a background in bioinformatics and a decade of industry experience in biotech/healthcare. During my time leading product teams at The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard in Cambridge, MA, I focused on applying tech best practices to scientific products. Now, I help my clients solve the right problems in the right ways with their products, teams, and careers.

Why work with me?

I specialize in biotech, life sciences, and healthcare. I have a scientific background, hands-on product managment experience, and deep knowledge of the industry and community.

Everything I do is tailored to each client's particular needs. You'll never be shuffled off to junior employees or subcontracted labor.

Through my coaching sessions, webinars, and grad school classes, I've taught hundreds of product managers and leaders. I know my stuff, and I know how to teach it.

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